Small Business Advice (SBA)

Small Business Advice (SBA) is a voluntary organisation which offers confidential advice services through Ireland’s business community. SBA provides support to small business owners that are at a crossroads and may need some guidance.  SBA is open to all sectors of enterprise activity and all stages of growth. The Small Business Advice Programme is open to both new and existing small businesses who generally employ 10 people or less, though larger companies may be considered.

SBA advisors have a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries. The programme is designed in a way that matches the knowledge, skills, insights and entrepreneurial capability of advisors to the business practitioner and the specific query they may have. The advisor contributes independent, informed observations and advice to aid business owners make well informed decisions. 

How It Works 

To access the service  go to and complete the on-line form about the business, the challenges and/or opportunities and the advice being sought  e.g. business review, financial planning, marketing, HR, IT.   

SBA works with the applicant to find the best advisor. The advisor will first be introduced via email and will then contact the applicant directly to schedule a time to connect. This can be a virtual or in-person meeting. 

This is a free voluntary advice service which is provided under the terms as outlined on the website.