Northside for business


Growing more than apples.

In 2012, the Cork City Development Board approved a proposal to develop a northside economic development plan which it believed would contribute to the regeneration of the northside of the City.  The Northside Economic Development Forum was set up to develop and drive this plan.

The  Northside Economic Development Forum is representative of Cork City Council, Cork City Enterprise Board, Cork City Partnership, Cork Chamber, Department of Social Protection, HSE, PLATO , The Revenue Commissioners, RAPID and the City of Cork VEC

Northside for Business is part of the Northside Economic Development Forum’s ‘Growing more than Apples’ initiative.  By working together the stakeholders aim to develop practical initiatives, with tangible outcomes, that support the regeneration of the 3 RAPID areas on the Northside.

The tagline ‘Growing more than Apples’ acknowledges that Cork’s Northside is home to the European headquarters of one of the world’s largest companies, while at the same time recognizing that there is much more. It is home to a significant Small and Medium Enterprise sector and vibrant people with a strong sense of community.

Northside for Business will incorporate a series of initiatives to support employment retention and creation in the area.  The aim is to act as a catalyst for growth, to build confidence in the business community and to create a platform that will demonstrate in a most practical way the strength and wealth of businesses and services throughout the northside of Cork City.

This is about developing enterprise, creating employment and growing small businesses.

Its about celebrating all that the north-side has to offer – the people, the culture, the businesses, the uniqueness.

Its about working together – businesses, communities and public bodies.


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