PLATO Business Development Network

The PLATO Business Development Network is designed to support established enterprises dealing with the challenges of growth and development. Participants must have been trading for 18 to 24 months. The Network is open to all sectors of economic activity and all stages of growth, post initial start-up and pre-start-up stages. Participant businesses range from self-employed to enterprises of 20 employees. The network offers specific support initiatives for larger enterprises and social enterprises.  

PLATO is a European wide business-to-business support and development network for owner managers. It is a confidential network based on the parenthood principle, peer to peer group learning, facilitation and networking. PLATO addresses the needs of business by providing owner managers with support, advice, training and a range of opportunities to develop their personal skills and management capability. Access to support can be on-line, in person or a combination of both.  

PLATO seeks to promote contact amongst like-minded owner managers of small/medium sized businesses, management executives from large companies and recognised management experts and specialists. Participation in the network enables entrepreneurs to access and develop the skills and contacts required to grow and prosper. By discussing, exploring, and analysing issues of specific relevance businesses grow in knowledge and insight.  This enables managers to make the best of their resources, develops the ability to identify areas within their company, which can be improved and provides them with support in implementing improvements. 

PLATO is Ireland’s premier business development network having been established as an initiative of Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment via the City & County Enterprise Boards now the Local Enterprise Offices, IBEC and Chambers Ireland some 25 years ago.  To date some 15,000 business owners have successfully developed their businesses through the network.  

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