Terms and Conditions

Entry criteria and eligibility

– Nominations can be made in more than one category

– Self nomination is allowed

– Franchises and partnerships can enter.

– Professional such as Solicitors, Accountants, and Doctors can enter under the appropriate category.

– Artists can enter under the appropriate category

– Social Enterprise and Community Enterprise projects can enter

– The applicant can be a branch of another business.


All applicants are advised to note:

  1. Instructions and guidelines in respect of completing the applications.
  2. Applicants are advised not to exceed the word count on their applications.
  3. Any additional documentation including cover letters/emails or sections added to the application may not be reviewed.
  4. Closing dates for receipt of written nominations is Friday 18th December 5.30pm at the offices of the Local Enterprise Office Cork, Cork City Council.
  1. Additional information may be sought for shortlist selection process
  2. Northside for Business reserves the right to corroborate the contents of the information provided in the nomination.
  3. Northside for Business reserve the right to exclude any nominations where criteria, eligibility, instructions and closing dates are not met.

Judging of Applications

– Each application will be judged based on the application only.

– No supplementary information will be accepted or considered in the judging process unless verification is required by the judges.

– The adjudication panel will be chaired by Mr. John Mullins, representatives of the sponsor – AIB, Local Enterprise Office Cork City and Cork City Council.

– Any conflicts must be noted at the outset to allow for an alternate judge.

– Where a conflict of interest arises with a judge and an applicant, the judge will step aside and a

substitute judge must be used.

– All short listed candidates will be required to attend the Awards Ceremony.

– Northside for Business reserves the right to corroborate the contents of the information provided in the application.

– Applicants short listed may be required to submit some additional supplementary information.

– Applicants are requested to respect word count in their answers. Applications maybe judged

downwards where word count is exceeded.

Award Winners:-

– Each category winner will be required to attend and partake in the Northside for Business publicity

and PR surrounding the awards.

– Northside for Business is responsible for organising publicity and PR pertaining to the awards and

winners as a whole and not responsible for individual PR opportunities of the award winners.

– Winners are free to manage their own personal and business PR surrounding the awards.

– Any PR and publicity should contain specific reference to Northside for Business.

– Any promotions should be in good taste and in keeping with business and professional standards and in no way bring the Northside for Business or its members into disrepute.

– The winners will be asked by Northside for Business to assist in promoting and encouraging other

members to be involved and partake in future awards


In the event of any circumstance arising that has not been considered, the first instance is to contact the Northside for Business Awards Coordinator.

If further consultation is required, it will be discussed with the Chairperson of Northside for Business Steering Committee where a decision will be made and communicated to the individual. This decision will be final.

12th October 2017

The Northside for Business Awards Steering Committee reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions as deemed appropriate.

Should you wish to clarify any matters please email info@northsideforbusiness.ie or call 021-4211433.