Family Business Ireland (FBI) 

Family Business Ireland (FBI) is a consulting, advice and support service for the founders, owners, next generation managers and professional advisors of family businesses. Family Business Ireland facilitates the owners and principals of family businesses to plan for and manage the issues of business succession, legacy, transfer of ownership and continuity. 

Family Business Ireland works with all sectors of economic activity and is specifically focused and configured to advise long established and mature businesses. Whilst the core focus of FBI is to enable family business owners to plan for intergenerational transfers, business sale or an orderly conclusion of a business it also has expertise in dealing with unplanned for events which all too often impact family businesses who have no plan. Some 72% of family-owned businesses cease to trade within five years of the death of the founder (source DG23).  

Family Business Ireland offers a range of educational programmes and information seminars as well as access to confidential peer-to-peer groups for founders and next generation managers. The challenges and uncertainty facing families in business has never been greater. The need to plan has never been more important. Being part of a peer-to-peer network is a very effective way to help develop strategies and learn best practice.   

On request Family Business Ireland provides a self-assessment planning document to the principals of family businesses. The assessment enables principals to understand how well prepared they may be or may not be to effectively manage the transition/succession or divest their business to new management/ownership. The assessment has no cost but is strictly for use by shareholders, directors and owners. To get a copy of the assessment simply contact    021 4211433